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- Our next show will be at Dürer Kert on the 2th of May with Pygmalion, Solidman, Adolescence! And of course with YOU! Rock! ;) (Facebook event)

- to download our full debut album for free, simply click here (320 kbps mp3, 97,7 Mb). All we would ask you to do is (only if you like the stuff of course,) to show it to your pals, friends and your dog. And if you are able to, you could come to one of our shows and we can have a beer!

- if you'd like to support us with some money, there's a download link on the top of the playlist below -- clicking on that one, you can specify yourself how much you'd like to pay for the album. If you decide to support us, we'll be thankful, and hands up, we won't spend your donation on beers, but will go ahead and come up with some new t-shirts!

- if you like what we're doing (and you've got facebook too), make sure you drop us a like!

Recording, mixing and mastering were done at Black Hole Sound studio. Thanks to Gabor Vari a million times!

- the advertising video for the album done by our guitarist, Andy, who's not only a nice guy, but has crazy video skills, hasn't he?

- and this is our first official video, a typography clip for the song "Insane". Again by Andy!

- if you want to watch the thing in HD, click on the cogwheel icon.
If you've got any questions, drop us a mail to, or on facebook.
Most of the stuff are only in Hungarian just yet, but as you see, we do speak English :)
So take care everyone, see you at our next gig!

Just Another